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S.P.A.R.K. is a support organization which exists to provide education, information and support for the parents and students of our community. Everyone is welcome and no one is judged. We all have the same goals and often the same issues. You can join as an observer or you can roll up your sleeves and contribute. We welcome all in any capacity!
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Save the DATE!  Monday March 26th, 2018 7pm

Join Chief Brandon, your SROs, representatives from CISD and SPARK for a Question and Answer Evening!

We'll be talking about DRUGS, Bullying and other topics of interest on things we are seeing right now in our City. We will be there to share information as well as answer questions you may have.  Feel free to email Info@Sparknow.org with your questions ahead of time, so we'll have the very best information to share with you.  Don't miss the live Drug Paraphernalia we will have on display! Watch for more info to come!


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Our website is an easy to navigate database of information and resources we’ve collected since S.P.A.R.K. began in September 2007.  This site is ever changing as we continue to learn and share with our community. 

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